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Top tips on creating a winning CV
Jul 15 -

Top tips on creating a winning CV

Having the right job isn’t a matter of life and death…..
Jul 7 -
Having the right job isn't a matter of life and death.....
it's much more important than that.
Top 6 Tips - Finding Your Ideal Career (Part 2)
Jun 24 -
Now you want to do something about finding that dream job?
Top 6 Tips - Finding Your Ideal Career (Part 1)
Jun 17 -
New to the job market? Reached a dead end? Or realised the
career you chose in your younger years isn't really you?
National Job Confidence Increases
Mar 26 -

National Job Confidence Increases

Graduates working harder
Jan 9 - Graduates are working longer hours as they strive to get ahead in a tough labour market..
UK Government Pledge to Invest into Youth Unemployment
Nov 14 - The Office for National Statistics has revealed that youth unemployment is at a shocking record high with one in five of those aged between 16 and 24 currently out of work. makes it easier to find that perfect job.
Sep 17 -

Your dream job may not land in your lap, but it could land in your inbox...

'Highly Commended' status awarded by Onrec
Apr 13 -
Recognition again for the UK's Primary Online Recruitment Domain by Onrec, the online recruitment industry's most prestigious awards. launch 'off the wall' radio advertising campaign.
Mar 30 -

Wednesday 30th March has seen launch it's local radio ad campaign.  102.2 Capital FM, Birmingham's number 1 hit music station, airs the unconventional ad, captivating the listener with it's refreshingly, thought-provoking approach. exceeds 1,000,000 unique candidate visits
Mar 21 -

Jobsco UK Ltd, the owner of the UK's Primary Online Recruitment Domain, announced today that they have now amassed over 1,000,000 unique candidate visits in the last 5 months. sees an incredible SIX FOLD INCREASE...
Mar 18 - March 2011 sees the number of candidates visiting the site soar.  In only a 12 month period, the traffic received on the UK's premier online recruitment domain has increased SIX FOLD. - Fastest Registration/Application Process
Aug 26 - has launched their hugely anticipated "Quick Apply" process which is primarily aimed at first-time visitors.

Give your view on for NORAS 2010 Best Newcomer
Jul 15 - Give your view on for NORAS 2010 Best Newcomer in Online Recruitment Since launching in March with the objective of becoming the national job board of choice for recruiters and jobseekers, user figures have risen impressively. receives Best Newcomer Nomination for NORAs 2010
Jul 6 - has received a Best Newcomer nomination for the National Online Recruiters Awards. 2010 marks the first full decade of the NORAs, which have closely plotted the emergence and growth of the UK online recruitment sector since 2000. Devised to recognise the very best recruitment websites, from a candidate's perspective, the NORAs are respected as the definitive award in the industry, and a tangible achievement for those sites which truly excel in satisfying job seekers. proud to have sponsored the Recruiter Awards
Apr 20 - proud to have sponsored the Recruiter Awards "Best Recruitment Agency to Work For" last week

Top 6 Tips - Finding Your Ideal Career (Part 1)

Posted on Tuesday Jun 17

New to the job market? Reached a dead end? Or realised the
career you chose in your younger years isn't really you?" border="0" width="500" height="275" />
Are you new to" target="_blank"> job market? Have you reached a dead end in your current career? Or have you had a sudden realisation that the career you chose your younger years isn't really you? Whatever your reasons for jobseeking, the toughest part is working out where to begin. Before you can begin searching for a long term, potentially satisfying career path, you must first discover which careers will interest you and challenge you whilst being a good match for your abilities. These five top tips for finding your ideal career will help you on your journey - by ensuring you pursue the most suitable jobs opportunities.

Know what you enjoy! Knowing exactly what interests and motivates you in your recreational time is a crucial step in finding the right career. Whether your learn that the endless fashion knowledge you gained from spending every Monday night reading Vogue sparks journalism aspirations, or that kitchen redecoration last summer demonstrated you would now love to be a decorator... The link below will help you narrow down your options through the discovery of patterns within your answers.

Create your "Personal Job Advertisement"
Imagine that job sites and newspapers didn't advertise jobs, but jobseekers instead. The ingenious idea to create an advertisement of "you" forces you to summarise your qualities, interests and requirements from a job into half a page of writing, giving sometimes eye-opening results. After writing your advertisement send it to 10 friends in different career fields asking each to suggest three different job titles for you, leaving you with a list of around 30 possible careers, some of which you may have never considered previously. Research any of the careers that interest you, you may be surprised by how many new doors open!

Take the "Career Choice Quiz"
Taking a quiz to discover your most suitable career is one of the most common methods used on the internet, but finding a reliable and accurate quiz is often harder than you may at first imagine. This quiz consists of 68 questions to test four 'pairs of preferences.' At the end of the quiz you receive a four letter code based on which of the pairs you matched a higher percentage to, and each code has a suggested career type. For example the code ENFP is 'The Journalist' with their skills being included as 'advertising, acting, sales and politics' - go get your code....

Look out for Part 2 in the next few days where we will share the other 3 Top Tips

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