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Top tips on creating a winning CV
Jul 15 -

Top tips on creating a winning CV

Having the right job isn’t a matter of life and death…..
Jul 7 -
Having the right job isn't a matter of life and death.....
it's much more important than that.
Top 6 Tips - Finding Your Ideal Career (Part 2)
Jun 24 -
Now you want to do something about finding that dream job?
Top 6 Tips - Finding Your Ideal Career (Part 1)
Jun 17 -
New to the job market? Reached a dead end? Or realised the
career you chose in your younger years isn't really you?
National Job Confidence Increases
Mar 26 -

National Job Confidence Increases

Graduates working harder
Jan 9 - Graduates are working longer hours as they strive to get ahead in a tough labour market..
UK Government Pledge to Invest into Youth Unemployment
Nov 14 - The Office for National Statistics has revealed that youth unemployment is at a shocking record high with one in five of those aged between 16 and 24 currently out of work. makes it easier to find that perfect job.
Sep 17 -

Your dream job may not land in your lap, but it could land in your inbox...

'Highly Commended' status awarded by Onrec
Apr 13 -
Recognition again for the UK's Primary Online Recruitment Domain by Onrec, the online recruitment industry's most prestigious awards. launch 'off the wall' radio advertising campaign.
Mar 30 -

Wednesday 30th March has seen launch it's local radio ad campaign.  102.2 Capital FM, Birmingham's number 1 hit music station, airs the unconventional ad, captivating the listener with it's refreshingly, thought-provoking approach. exceeds 1,000,000 unique candidate visits
Mar 21 -

Jobsco UK Ltd, the owner of the UK's Primary Online Recruitment Domain, announced today that they have now amassed over 1,000,000 unique candidate visits in the last 5 months. sees an incredible SIX FOLD INCREASE...
Mar 18 - March 2011 sees the number of candidates visiting the site soar.  In only a 12 month period, the traffic received on the UK's premier online recruitment domain has increased SIX FOLD. - Fastest Registration/Application Process
Aug 26 - has launched their hugely anticipated "Quick Apply" process which is primarily aimed at first-time visitors.

Give your view on for NORAS 2010 Best Newcomer
Jul 15 - Give your view on for NORAS 2010 Best Newcomer in Online Recruitment Since launching in March with the objective of becoming the national job board of choice for recruiters and jobseekers, user figures have risen impressively. receives Best Newcomer Nomination for NORAs 2010
Jul 6 - has received a Best Newcomer nomination for the National Online Recruiters Awards. 2010 marks the first full decade of the NORAs, which have closely plotted the emergence and growth of the UK online recruitment sector since 2000. Devised to recognise the very best recruitment websites, from a candidate's perspective, the NORAs are respected as the definitive award in the industry, and a tangible achievement for those sites which truly excel in satisfying job seekers. proud to have sponsored the Recruiter Awards
Apr 20 - proud to have sponsored the Recruiter Awards "Best Recruitment Agency to Work For" last week

Career Tools - 5 Common CV Mistakes

5 Common CV Mistakes to Remove Now

When writing an effective CV, the details you leave out; are just as important as the details you include.  If you have any of the following blunders in your own CV then be sure to remove them if you want to avoid being rejected by employers.

Embarrassing email addresses

All too often candidates will scar the top of an otherwise good CV with a ridiculous email address that may have seemed cool when it was created, but now just looks a bit silly.  This is fine to use if you're emailing friends but a CV is a professional document and the first impression of you that a potential future employer will see.  An email address like will really make recruiters question your professionalism and they will be reluctant to contact you.  Set up a separate work email account if necessary, just using your full name or a close variation as the address.


Unless you are an actor or model, then having a photograph on your CV is completely unnecessary.  Employers need to know what skills and experience you can bring to their organisation - they aren't interested in what you look like, so photographs waste valuable CV space that would be better used by filling with compelling text that explains your value.

Meaningless clichés

Your CV should be filled with hard factual content that conveys your skills, experience and knowledge to the reader so that they can really understand what you do.  Phrases such as "works well in a team or individual" and "go-getter with a can do attitude" are essentially meaningless and don't actually tell the reader anything about you.  Experienced recruiters will have seen every phrase in the cliché book and none will impress them; so stick to fact based material throughout your CV.

Unnecessary pages

Busy recruiters and hiring managers do not have the time to wade through 7 page CV's.  They need to extract the information they need quickly, so keep your CV short, sharp and to-the-point; breaking information up into manageable, clearly headed sections and using bullet points where possible.  Ideally you want to keep the CV to 2 pages in length; definitely no longer than 3.

Poor grammar

Whilst the spellcheck feature's appearance in the majority of word processing packages has largely removed the risk of making spelling errors in CV's; many people become reliant on them and do not bother to proofread their CV's before distributing.  However there are lots of errors that the spellcheck may not pick up such as poor language or the incorrect use of a word (Using Your instead of You're for example).  Spend some time proofreading your CV because it only takes one mistake for a recruiter to start doubting your credibility.

Author: Andrew Fennell is the Director of London based CV Writing Service - StandOut CV